Is Your Website Secure Enough? 7 Steps To Check

Is Your Website Secure Enough? 7 Steps To Check By TeckYou Web Development Experts

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is secure.  Why the fuzz? Well, not only does a secure website protect your business and customers, but it also helps to build trust and credibility with your audience.  But how do you know if your website is secure […]

Follow These 6 Designs To Make Your Product Packaging An Impressive Statement

6 Product Packaging Designs Trends That Make A Statement, By TeckYou Experts

Product packaging designs are more than just to protect and preserve your items. Designs are key for you to position your brand and build relationships with customers. The decisions you make about product packaging can be crucial for your brand or business, regardless of whether you design your packaging for convenience and practicality or creativity […]

Successful Mobile Application Design: 12 Essential Tips

Beginner's guide to mobile application design by TeckYoiu experts.

In light of the massive $935 billion income that mobile applications are predicted to produce this year in 2023, many businesses are thinking about developing their own apps. It’s a highly competitive market, too, with 3.48 million apps currently available for download on the Google Play Store alone. It’s not enough to have a simple […]

Your Guide To Choose The Best Web Design Colors: 5 Things To Know

Your Guide To Choose Web Design Colors 5 Things To Know

You’re not the only business owner or web designer who finds it difficult to come up with color schemes for websites. Even though selecting colors may seem intuitive, good color palettes need a lot of strategy.  Everyone has personal preferences for various hues; some people lean toward muted pastels while others favor strong hues like […]

5 Marketing Strategy Tips To Successfully Open New Business Dimensions

5 Tips For Your Marketing Strategy In 2023

Happy new year! But, no more time to waste before keeping up with the ever evolving digital marketing strategy landscape and the changing needs and expectations of consumers. Our blog will sum up 5 precious marketing strategy tips if you’re feeling a bit low on creativity for the next year.  1. Start With Video Content […]

Take A Final Look At Google SEO in 2022: It’s So Cool

Google SEO

It’s the end of the year and you’re probably reading our blog while scrolling through your social feed on a holiday instead of your work desk computer. We won’t bombard you with further SEO trends, because these are endless. We’ll just recap a couple of Google SEO actualities that we thought were so cool for […]

It’s Never Too Early: What Your Website Design Should Look Like In 2023

Website Design Trends In 2023

“Do I need to upgrade my website design?” “It looks pretty modern to me?” “Will it really make any difference?” “What should I do next?” Your answers are quite easy, so  Yes, Yes, it will, Yes, You could start with one of the 10 web design trends that would take your website to the next […]

8 Powerful Steps To Get Your Search Engine Back On Track

search engine

“I optimize my content with the right keywords, I just never rank in search engines. What should I do?” We get this question quite a lot and we’re often excited to assist from here. Identifying the problem is one step closer to resolving it. We’ve already written about SEO for beginners, but this time, we’re […]

What You Need To Upgrade For Your Web Design: 4 Supreme Elements

web design

If you’re in the web industry, getting involved in web design elements, launching your website, or planning to, you definitely heard this one before… user experience. It has to be good, seamless, positive, interactive, smooth, … and it has to convert sales.  But is it? The answer lies in how the design of your website […]