5 Marketing Strategy Tips To Successfully Open New Business Dimensions

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Happy new year!

But, no more time to waste before keeping up with the ever evolving digital marketing strategy landscape and the changing needs and expectations of consumers.

Our blog will sum up 5 precious marketing strategy tips if you’re feeling a bit low on creativity for the next year. 

1. Start With Video Content

In 2023, brands are expected to continue using video and live streaming as a primary medium for connecting with consumers. Video content, including on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, is an effective way to engage and interact with audiences. 

Live streaming is gaining so much popularity on TikTok for example, allowing businesses to create closer relationships with their customers and establish greater trust. It’s the smart simple element to your marketing strategy sharing behind the scenes content and personal interactions through Q&As, webinars, and video messaging.

Tip: place greater emphasis on using short form video formats, such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, as part of this marketing strategy. 

These formats, have gained significant popularity in recent years, are effective at engaging and entertaining audiences, and can help to tap into trending topics and increase viral content. Brands can utilize short-form videos by creating their own branded content, incorporating user-generated content, or partnering with influencers to promote their products or services. 

So, here you go, using short-form videos is a proven way for businesses of all sizes to reach larger audiences and establish meaningful connections with customers.

2. Leave Some Room For UGC

You might have guessed this marketing strategy, but are you actually prepared to implement it?

Let’s start from the beginning.

User-generated content, UGC, is any form of content, such as text, images, or videos, that is created by users of a company’s product or service and shared on online platforms. This type of content can be part of a marketing strategy highly valuable for businesses, as it is created by individuals who are already customers or users of the company’s products, and therefore can be seen as more authentic and trustworthy than traditional marketing messages.

UGC Statistics. Source: Taggbox

Win – Win!

One of the main benefits of UGC is that it helps to increase brand awareness and reach. When users share content featuring a company’s products or services, they are effectively promoting the brand to their own followers and connections, which can help to expose the company to new audiences. 

UGC can also drive traffic to a company’s website or social media channels, as users may be more likely to click on links or visit pages that feature content created by people they know or trust.

In addition to its potential to increase brand visibility, UGC can also help to improve customer engagement and loyalty. By featuring and promoting UGC on a company’s website or social media channels, businesses can show their appreciation for their customers and encourage them to continue creating and sharing content about the company. This can help to foster a sense of community among customers and create a more positive brand image.

3. In Person Events

Also fostering brand image, in person events are this tried-and-true marketing strategy to connect with customers. In person events can include pop-up shops, sponsored trade shows, or industry conferences, and can be a highly effective way to convert leads and build long-term customer relationships. 

In the past year, 50% of companies reported planning to attend more in person events in 2022 than in 2021, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. To get the most out of attending in person events, it can be helpful to use event intelligence to gather information about attendees, their interests, and their level of influence in order to better engage with them and connect with key prospects in the industry.

We didn’t forget about online-only businesses. That one is for you…

4. Podcasts

Podcasting is a popular method for both content creators and organizations to reach their audiences. Podcasts as a marketing strategy element allow businesses to reach highly engaged audiences and create original, engaging content that can be easily accessed by listeners. 

In 2023, the use of podcasting as a marketing strategy is expected to continue to grow, with businesses using it to build thought leadership, develop niche expertise, and produce more personal connections with customers. 

Podcasting is an effective way to gain a competitive advantage in the market and improve business outcomes. It can also be utilized by partnering with other brands, influencers, or industry experts.

All of these strategies go down the lane to…

5. More Interaction

Interactive marketing involves the use of interactive elements, such as games, quizzes, polls, and calculators as part of online content to capture attention and engage users on a deeper level. 

This strategy can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as creating a branded online game, partnering with influencers on social media quizzes, or incorporating polling into website content. 

Got it right, do it right!

To be successful with an interactive marketing strategy, it’s actually important to focus on creating high quality, relevant, and engaging content for your audience. 

Allow us to include chat bots under this interactive category. Allow us as well to confess that we’re personally thrilled to get our hands on this interaction on teckyou.com pages.

It is estimated that by 2025, the majority of customer interactions with brands will be through the use of artificial intelligence, such as chat bots. Conversational marketing, which involves using chatbots to interact with customers in a more personal way, is becoming increasingly popular as natural language processing and machine learning continue to advance

Chat bots can be used to address customer concerns and answer questions in real time, and help to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales by providing support and generating leads through websites and social media platforms.

Your next marketing strategy wouldn’t only revolve around these 5 tips of course. Instead, your pre-planned strategy as well as your post-implementation metrics should be all audience centric. 

In a cosmos full of market competitors, be the most massive marketing gravity.

Oh, and we’re always in your orbit if you need a consultation. 

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