It’s Never Too Early: What Your Website Design Should Look Like In 2023

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“Do I need to upgrade my website design?”

“It looks pretty modern to me?”

“Will it really make any difference?”

“What should I do next?”

Your answers are quite easy, so 


Yes, it will,


You could start with one of the 10 web design trends that would take your website to the next level in 2023.

In our blog, we will detail the top 10 website design elements that are totally in for the 2023 season. We’re also listing the ones that would leave the most impact including your graphics, layouts, color schemes, content, media optimization, SEO optimization, and more…

1. AI Colors Palettes

First good news of the year, your website designers are no longer required to spend hours tweaking the color scheme to obtain the ideal harmony while preserving a pleasing contrast.

AI software and a few of their free tools arrived at the right time to inspire you with their existing color palettes libraries. Your task will require simply knowing your brand’s colors, mentioning it, and enjoying the list of color schemes generated depending on your choice. 

Our colorful tip for you is to go for warm red shades for an adventuresome, yet passionate and loveable vibe, warm oranges for an upbeat, and cool greens for versatile purposes and an environmentally friendly reminder.

2. Bigger Font Sizes

Since you’re all in for reading more updates, our next one has to do with bigger fonts.

Start standardizing your website’s font sizes if you haven’t already by maintaining no more than one or two typefaces. 

Your best font sizes are the ones that the majority of users can comfortably read, so go big!

The minimum recommended font sizes. Source: UIUX Trend 

3. Overlapping Fonts

Keeping content inside tidy ordered grids has been the traditional website design style for long. Yet, unconventional methods have been crawling up their way towards more avant-garde aspects of classic brutalism. 

These attempts appear to have been successful because overlapping and cluttered text is now constantly shown on 2023 websites. Nowadays, even well-known websites overlap their page elements, putting type over imagery to the point that it is almost impossible to read. 

The whole website will keep a professional style overall, with only a few headlines crossing over to produce a faint brutalist impression. The messy visuals trend’s acceptance to the general public is due to contrasting features that attract and break away from boring, presentation-like pages.

4. Dimensional Visuals

Also escaping boredom are visuals in their three dimensional design. Due to its capacity to rethink reality, 3D design is becoming more and more popular. It’s becoming easy too. 

So, get ready because more 3D features will be employed in website design starting next year.

The creation of 3D avatars and the recreation of odd natural patterns or structures will be common uses for 3D.

Did you check our new videos? 

5. Video Content

Speaking of videos, we can’t stress enough how important they are. They’ve already been around, the trendy part about videos though is their short, catchy style.

Short videos are more likely to keep viewers’ attention. They have an impact and make a lasting impression when done appropriately and professionally.

6. SVG Format 

Next, listen to this: in 2023 always use SVG as your website’s photo format.

Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG, is a vector file format that allows for simple resizing without sacrificing quality. As a result, even for intricate graphics or photos, SVG files are often minimal. For illustrations, infographics, or logos, this file format would be perfect as well.

7. More Personalization

You’ve already thought about them for your branding, marketing, and business strategies, but once again your target audience’s age, gender, color, ethnicity, language, culture, and even interests should all be taken into account while upgrading into an inclusive website design.

Inclusive design is no generic slogan, it actually means properly produced textual content, flexible options, font size changes, keyboard access, voice transcripts, and dark or light modes. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a perfect user experience.

Which brings us to..

8. People-First SEO

Search engine optimization exists to help you raise your website’s search engine rating and, in then, its visibility. And if you’re asking what’s trending for SEO, that’s people-oriented web content.

Content that offers users unique, valuable, educational, and pertinent information will, as anticipated, be given priority for the top search results.

Our experts genuinely advise you to optimize question-like content since global content strategists are attempting to change the material and terminology on mainstream websites to improve their position in search engine results.

Attention: when it comes to organic SEO, altered material usually does more harm than good to your website.

9. Faster Than Ever Loading Speed

Another trend continuing strong in 2023 is web pages loading speed. The idea that your website’s fast performance would affect its SEO and user experience is no longer a myth.

When all other factors were equal, search engines evaluate faster-loading content for search results. This modification has been formally included in Google’s Page Experience System for example.

The Page Experience System was developed on the premise that people favor website designs with a positive user experience in terms of page speed, responsiveness for mobile devices, accessibility, HTTPS security, and interactions.

10. More Animations 

Hover animations have long been beneficial for discreet micro-interactions that keep the visitor interested but not actively involved. Trending, in 2023, website designers are using hover animations to the fullest, to turn any commonplace page items into eye-catching product reveals.

Multiple objectives are achieved by this tendency at once, especially in ecommerce. Website visitors can rapidly review a product without going to another page, which promotes speed surfing. It makes the product animated and gives a sneak peek into potential uses. 

Again, a simple user experience by just displaying photos one at a time and keeping the page clear of unnecessary images. It can add a new foreground dimension to your website design. 

Website Design Trends

So, that was a glimpse of what 2023 website designs will look like. The magical interplay between design elements and advanced backend options should take the web spaces to whole new levels. Imagine augmented realities, simulations, and immersive worlds filled with tactile memories and infinite options.

For now, you could go for one element upgrade at a time. Keep an eye on our web design blogs and contact us anytime for a free consultation.

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