Web Design

Beyond Visuals

Your website is the first interaction customers have with your business, and your web design makes 94% of their impressions, so make it a good one.

Teckyou sets the standards for superior web design appealing to search engines and online users. Our talented web designers and front-end developers ensure your site navigation, layout, color scheme, and graphics reflect your brand personality.

Collaborating with Teckyou, implies designing your innovative and effective website that captures your brand, improves your conversion rates, and maximizes your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.

Our expert team goes even beyond visuals to improve in depth services like the following, from web content, CMS, eCommerce web design, webpage vitals analysis, page responsiveness, network security, and hosting, to maintenance.

Content Management System, CMS, Integration

Teckyou is a leading CMS service provider allowing our clients to create, manage, edit, and leverage multilingual websites with custom plugins and advanced language technologies. We make web design easy and efficient with reusable patterns and components.

eCommerce Web Design

We design brilliant eCommerce websites with simple navigations and persuasive descriptions. Our sales-oriented designs highlight exceptional selling features and focuse on high quality visuals for upgraded shopping experiences.

WordPress Experts

Teckyou WordPress specialists are always ready to employ their skills and expertise transforming any web design beyond expectations. It’s our pleasure to tinker with pre-made themes and plugins to come up with unique websites.

Website Analysis

Custom web design starts with expert gathering and analyzing of website data. Teckyou’s website analysis service displays the accuracy of web pages content and checks website’s technical operation across several browsers.

Website Hosting

Teckyou’s web hosting services ensure extreme reliability and site security, in addition to improved SEO and online performance. Our experts offer satisfactory customer support, faster bandwidth, and unlimited storage for optimal website designs.

Website Maintenance

Teckyou offers reliable website maintenance and technical support for its clients focusing on user testing and site backups. Our experts regularly check for security updates, perform test purchases, fix any broken link, and eliminate unnecessary form fields.

Responsive Web Design

Slow-loading websites result in declining annual revenues, the reason why Teckyou guarantees website designs that adapt to all screen sizes and devices to increase customer retention and sales. We utilize scalable vector graphics, place responsive images, and maximize device features.