Apple Ads Update Dramatically Revolutionizes 2023 Marketing Campaigns

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The new Google-Meta dilemma with Apple was stirred up by the latest studies revealing a threat to their online advertisement world.

In recent reports released 3 days ago conducted by Appsumer, found that Apple 2021 iOS 14.5 privacy update conveniently favored Apple’s business ads over Facebook and Google’s. The research was based on over 100 consumer app companies’ analyses of online ads.

General manager of Appsumer, Shumel Lais, acknowledged this advantage gained by Apple.

“One of the things that’s quite interesting is the ATT measurements limitations that are kind of put on the wider network doesn’t exist in the same way for Apple. So, you could say that Apple has slightly more visibility or an advantage across the other channels on iOS”    

Shumel Lais (2022)

ATT, App Tracking Transparency, privacy pop-up update gives the option for users to prevent Facebook from tracking their online activities. Thus, creating a gap between Facebook and their user demographics. 

How Did The Update Impact Facebook & Google?

Safe to say that after Apple update pulled the rug from under these corporations, the aftermath showed a noticeable impact on Facebook and Google’s advertiser adoption rate. Apple’s adoption rate was pumped up by 4% scoring a 94.8%. On the other hand, Facebook fell by 3% to a rate of  82.8%, while Google too dropped 2 points reaching 94.8%.

However, the more effective results of the update are yet to come. Businesses will promote their products, and services on sites they know they can depend on when it comes to customer exposure. 

How Will It Change Marketing Campaigns In 2023?

What most online businesses or even average internet users didn’t notice, is that the outcome of this advertisement contest will be a tweak in the future of marketing strategies. Here at TeckYou , we were able to foreshadow a few major changes happening in the marketing campaigns world of 2023.

1. Creative Ways To Secure Consumer Data

Now that the door of attaining public data is slowly getting tighter, platforms like Google and Facebook will have a hard time advertising your content. This is due to lack of information on the right target people to market the content to.

We see this as the perfect opportunity. Your business market campaign can take a creative turn on the ways it used to collect customer data. One of the effective ways, can be using your social media platform to interactively ask your audience about their opinions, comments, and thoughts on certain relevant topics.

For example, a marketing campaign revolving around the new trend of all clothing styles should be targeted for every category of folks. The campaign would reveal if the concept is praised enough by all folks or is considered brushing off the individuality in fashion statements. This is a hot topic idea that your fashion brand or online shop can build on its campaign.

These types of campaigns offer engaging content for people to interact and express themselves. Add to that, the amount of data, knowledge, and understanding of your target market will increase significantly.

2. Ad Campaigns Upgrading & Leveling Up

Ad campaigns main goals might vary from marketing trends, products, or even pushing industries points of views that define the market. When your platform loses the advantage of knowing people’s interests, it becomes difficult to pinpoint exactly what your users want to see popping on their feeds.

So, businesses’ best solution would be to level up their ad campaigns. When working on ad campaigns with little input on your intended audience, making your ads more generally appealing by adding value to the message is key.

For instance, an email marketing campaign that advertises methods on how to maintain a healthy relationship with your body with helpful tips on the subject, is a great marketing approach. Your clients will see that as a fitness online courses program where you care and relate to their problems. This attitude from your company will make it seem more credible and holding value.

3. No More Fast Useless Content

On good news, this next change is pleasant for the users’ feeds! For a while now, corporations online have used people’s activities to generate content. The only downfall of some digital marketing campaigns is depending on fast useless content.

Since tracking useless private information is henceforth limited thanks to the update, most representative groups are going to have to run their own research. Marketing campaigns will have to inspect thoroughly  into what peaks people interests, and lay out profitable information.

4. Improving Businesses Value 

At-last the one more expected change in 2023 market campaigns, is the notable improvement in business value. Brands build their business structure around the notion of problem-solving people’s affairs.

This means that companies are always trying to sell their value, and are in constant promotional mode of why people need them. While knowing more private information about the subject of your advertising is a great tactic, we’re here to tell you that not being totally conscious of all the public’s amusement is just as great too.

If businesses have to market under these conditions, this is their sign to start enhancing the quality of products, services, online communication skills, and the overall focus message. The quality content and offers that you put out, will resonate with the desired audience when your campaigns are manifesting a high worth for them.

We hope our proposed changes for the marketing campaigns in 2023 gives you an insight on the future of Facebook and Google’s advertising space. If you enjoyed the news of this update, then you will love that on September 7 Apple announced that it’s keeping the ATT update for iPhone 14 editions. 

Contact TeckYou marketing experts to help you craft professional marketing campaigns using new innovative strategies. Check out more scoops on updates you need to know, like the  iOS 16 announcement of 5 super updates.  


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