5 Local SEO Tricks To Help Grow Your Customers

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Are general SEO strategies just not cutting it for you anymore?

Look no further than your local area. We might have the best solutions lined up for you. That’s right, local SEO helps you score high visibility for your business. 

Did you know that 46% of google searches are looking for local information? A total of 78% of these local-based searches end up being offline purchases.

So, if you are a local business or even an SEO fanatic, then stick around to check out our list of local SEO tricks that you can use.

1. Use The Right Keywords For Your Area

You can’t use your general SEO strategy when targeting the locals in your area; local SEO is different. Adjust your keywords according to what people are looking for in your zone. Associating your products or services with descriptions of your local area interests, will appeal more to your ideal customers.


For example, you will find more success referring to your business throughout the site as “Miami’s Cloth Store”, rather than just labeling your store as a “ Retail Shop”. Optimizing your content with the right keywords should do the trick with your local audience!

2. Make Sure To Mention Your Location

Include your location on your site. Make sure that every content, talking about your products on your page is attached to your location. Especially when it comes to your title tags, snippets, and body context. We suggest that you also include the area name in the URL address, so that users can figure out where the business is instant.

Let’s say you include this in your headline “The Best White Cake is Born in London”. The title is enough to attract local tourists to your cake shop. Now, a tip not to miss using this Local SEO trick, is to study your area for competition first. If there’s a lot of content, then stand out by addressing yourself as “ The first cake buffet in Wigmore street”.

However, if there are not many crazy offers around town, then no need to add the town or street. A simple city or country name should work just fine.

3. Enlist Your Website Into An Exclusive Local Directory

What if we tell you that even if your site is not ranking high, you can still reach all your target audience? How, you’re asking? Well, this Local SEO trick requires submitting your site to a fine known local directory list, can give you lots of visibility for your business.

Local Businesses Searches Statistics. Source: Sagapixel

Your business can be up there with “The best 10 pet shops in California” for instance. These types of lists are much more famous now, thanks to the rise in “Near me” or “ in my area” searches in the last few years.

4.Get More Inbound Links With Significance

If you want to come off as a legit company in the eyes of Google, then you might not want to ignore using inbound links. Having more authorized inbound links on your website is your ticket to rising in your domain. Here are a few easy ways to get inbound links:

Participate in your local community activities;

Who says that PR work can’t be digital too? Sponsoring an online event, executing non-profit campaigns, and making appearances in your local media representing your business, are all great means to receive more inbound links from fellow local industries.  

 Partnerships With Local Favorites;

Just like we mentioned above, hosting all these webinars and community events will boost your local image. But, one of the best inbound links that you can collect when practicing local SEO comes from partnering with local favorites in the same affairs. We’re talking about prominent figures and influencers in your community. You want to reach out to these people, so that you are added to their credible online references.

5. Be The Towns Guest Blogger

Here’s a final local SEO trick that you can pull up your sleeve, Be your town or area guest blogger!

What’s a guest blogger you ask? It’s like being the local host for all the goods you can find around the zone. In other words, your blog can become a high-quality local directory. By mentioning positive reviews about other industries within your field, you will come off as an active community participant. Your blog’s topics and content will be valued. Appearing as a credible resource for users google searches turn to for info.

We hope our list of Local SEO tricks will help grow your customers, in no time! TeckYou is always onboard on all the latest SEO trends, and tricks that you need to know. If you liked our blog, then you should read our checklist of 5 SEO Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss to keep your SEO knowledge in check.

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