Uncovering 5 Major SEO Mistakes To Avoid

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You would think that only beginners fall for common SEO mistakes when first practicing. But, what if we tell you that even the most seasoned SEO experts in the game can’t avoid falling into the slightest miscalculation on their site. The never-ending changes that occur in SEO daily can mess up your website’s flow. 

Even if you’ve mastered all the SEO tricks by now, a simple change in today’s algorithm can mix up your keywords, causing a downgrade in your page ranking. Well, you are in luck, here at TeckYou we care about your site’s functioning and its effectiveness. That’s why we are uncovering the 5 major SEO mistakes that you need to avoid.

1. Not Optimizing For Mobile SEO

You do realize that the majority, if not all, of your website audience are mobile users. Whether they are shopping or looking up information, they are most likely checking it through the screens of their phones. This brings us to our first SEO major mistake. Site owners not optimizing their websites to a mobile-friendly design. It’s like saying forget 70 % of my users, and focus on the desktop site instead.

The next time you take a look at your website, make sure it’s optimized to be more mobile-friendly. Try creating the best user experience that your page can offer.

2. Ignoring Your Site’s Bad Reviews On Google

Don’t overlook bad reviews on your services or products on Google. Reviews are the first thing users look up when making a purchase from your site. Bad reviews are dangerous enough to drive away most of the traffic coming towards you, 94% of customers say a bad review have convinced them to refrain from buying or dealing with a business.

  Lead Industries vs. Average Industries Response Time and Star Rates. Source: reviewtrackers

You can still fix this SEO mistake by circling back to all these reviews. Try to uncover the reasons why the users left such bad reviews. In that way, you can note down what aspects need to be worked on for bettering your customers’ site experience.

3. Forgetting To Update Content On Your Site

Maybe the worst thing Google Search Engine can catch you having, is outdated content on your page. Google’s new algorithm updates will separate any information that is found pointless to the readers. This will redirect your audience away from your site.

To avoid this SEO mistake, we suggest that every once in a while you review all your previous content to update it into what’s more relevant nowadays. For example, try searching for new trending topics, and see if one of your old blog posts talks about the subject. Start renovating your post according to new relative insights.

4. Using Generic Keywords For Your Pages

If you are trying to rank high with your pages using generic keywords, then you won’t find much success. This SEO mistake can be seen more among small business owners. One way to avoid this is making your keywords more specific. Specifying your keywords is a great method to attract users to your site.  

Let’s say you are a small business that is trying to rank as a “gift shop”. “Gift Shop” as a keyword is too generic to even try to aim for. Instead, try narrowing it down by adding your location attached to your keyword like “Brooklyn Street’s Gift Shop”.  

5. Missing To Invite People To Your Website

Last but not least, an SEO mistake that you might be doing is missing to invite people to your website. You can have great quality content written on your page, but it fails to receive high traffic. That’s when you should ask yourself, what are my readers seeing before deciding if they want to click on the page?

You might be failing to invite people to your page because your meta description is not appealing enough for the readers. Summon users to your site by presenting all the valuable information they want in the snippet. That way you will entice them to check out your posts and read more!

We can unpack even more SEO mistakes, but for now, these are the major ones you need to avoid. Look out for our blog posts to will get more game-changing tips and tricks in the SEO world. 

Keeping updated with all the SEO trends can be overwhelming for a business owner. That’s why TeckYou provides business owners with online digital solutions, helping you build your ultimate professional website.

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