Discover Marketing Secrets: The Top 6 Instagram Grids To Seek In 2023

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Every time you scroll through Instagram pages, you’re slammed with the different colors and formats of grids. Your Instagram posts in 2022 never seemed more vibrant than before. As easy as it looks, that fun grid you see on your screen takes a lot of planning and works in favor of entertainment.

You may wonder, what’s the marketing strategy behind a pretty Instagram grid? Or why grids should be planned and what are the best types of grids? We will be answering all that and more. But first, let’s take a brief moment to understand why Instagram grids are so popular, and how you can plan one.

Why Are Instagram Grids So Popular?

Instagram started as your regular square photo-sharing app. Posting happened impulsively, whether from the users or the Instagram business pages. This all changed when a few years ago someone saw the marketing opportunity in the Instagram grids. From then on, the potential for making great Instagram pages was indeed better achievable. 

Although the spontaneous element was a little bit brushed off after this realization, the limit for creativity was not excluded from the Instagram game. It’s just more organized, in a way now you need to put a thought in your next post. Online industries are designing and setting out unique imprints through their posts.

Almost all pages are following the tactic of publishing three posts at a time, and the results of that have been mostly a nice array of somewhat correlated posts. The exhibit of online trendy grids piqued interest in people. Grids gained popularity among the young generation, because they brought a fresh new take on brands’ displaying their identities and perspectives.

2022 Instagram users statistics. Source: Hootsuite

 How To Plan Your Instagram Grid? 

According to a 2022 Hootsuite Instagram analytics report, 50% of people use Instagram to discover new brands, businesses, and services. In addition, 2 out of 3 people said that Instagram helped them stimulate meaningful interactions with brands. So in other words, your Instagram feed matters the most when making a first impression on your audience. Now more than ever, it’s the best time to start planning your Instagram grid!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the name, planning your Instagram grid is easier than you think. We are here to break it to you in 4 simple steps of how to plan your Instagram grid:

Step 1. Scheme Your Page’s Goals

For your first step before even getting into the actual planning, you need to scheme your page’s goals in advance. What do we mean by that? Pinpointing your brand or business motives is relatively effortless, just make sure that you have your purposes figured out.

For example, if an online catering service brands itself by the “ Glamorizing classical events with our luxurious tasteful buffets” message. So, it’s expected for their Instagram grid to be a showcase of fancy catering posts and videos, if they wish to communicate this concept to their target clients. 

Step 2. Use Instagram Grid Tools

There are plenty of good Instagram grid tools that will help you with your planning. The tools construct the page’s layout, so you can have an overall look at your grid before launching. Most tools have the calendar set option, where you can set the posting time on the 3 posts of your choice.

Step 3. Stick To A General Grid Format

While you’re arranging your grid, keep in mind to generally stick to a grid format. We will get into the different types of Instagram grid formats in just a second. But for now, know that you need to adopt a general theme, colors, and patterns to edit your post’s images appropriately.

Step 4. Schedule Your Posts And Be Consistent 

We mentioned before how the grid planning tools can help you set dates for post releases. When planning your Instagram grid, scheduling your posts ahead of time is beneficial. You have to however be consistent with it too so the timing flow is relevant to your followers, and your grid’s rows are always matching with the main style.

With all the positive impact planned Instagram grids have on one’s business page, it’s hard not to see how it will proceed to spike many marketing manners in the future. Over at TeckYou we will help you spot and uncover the trade marketing secrets. These are The Top 6 Instagram Grids To Seek In 2023:

Top #1 Row-By-Row Grids: It’s organized and fun

Row-by-row grids are tricky, you have to primarily post 3 images at the same time. Each row of your grid is supposed to give off a moderate storyline. This Instagram grid is perfect for businesses to demonstrate value content per row. 

A Row-By-Row Grid example from our clients Wasel Logistics Services

Top #2 Checkerboard Grids: Playing with your followers 

If you are running out of ideas, then consider playing a board game with your followers! Checkerboard grids are exactly what they sound like, the background of your page resembles a checkerboard. The 2 color pallets usually alternate between a text style and a one-tone collection.

A Checkboard Grid from our own TeckYou Instagram page

Top #3 Puzzle Grids: Putting the pieces together

Taking on the name of most lively on our list, puzzle grids are a lot famous nowadays for being entertaining to look at. In puzzle grids, you have to be able to fit one image on the grid in 3 to 9 or more. The grid is amazing! It will deliver your announcement in one take on the Instagram page.

A Puzzle Grid from Wasel Logistics Services Instagram Page

Top #4 Square Grids: Old but classic

Your basic square grids are here for the stay in 2023. People don’t seem to let go of the classic square grids. It owns a sweet spot in users’ hearts for being the first type of grid to appeal to them. This Instagram grid focuses on 1 to 2 colors for your posts, with plain frameworks for your videos and pictures. 

A Square Grid from our clients Behind Pixel

Top #5 Minimal Grids: Simple yet elegant

Minimal grids give you an elegant twist on your Instagram page. The grid is ideal if you are looking to add an artsy but formal note. To achieve this plan, you will have to pick a settled color for each of your dozen posts, or you can carry it out the entirety of the grid. Try choosing colors like black, white, and gray. Your posts elements should have a minimalist aesthetic to them. 

Our Financy Clients Minimal Grid

Top #6 Mixed Grids: Creativity follows no rules

Saving the best for last, let your creativity run free with mixed grids! Mixed grids are a personal fan favorite to us, the grid is spirited to say the least. It’s a mix between puzzle, row-by-row, square grids, and more. You no longer have to prefer a grid format over another, the possibilities here are limitless. 

TeckYou Mixed Grids

Needless to say, we hope you’re inspired by our list of the top 6 grids you need to consider for your 2023 marketing Instagram campaigns. TeckYou marketing experts put together this insightful catalog to help you catch up with 2023 social media lingo.

Contact our marketing experts for professional assessment with your digital marketing businesses, and look out for our blog posts to receive more info like this.       

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