5 SEO Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss

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If you create, own, manage, or promote online content, there are infinite opportunities for your content to rank at the top of search engine pages and reach the millions of audiences you aim for.  Sounds too good to be true? It actually can be! 

You just have to optimize your content for those available opportunities out there using search engine optimization – SEO opportunities. Search engines’ end goal is to feature content that fulfills user search needs. That’s why search engines recognize and recommend SEO efforts that are designed to benefit both the user’s search experience and the content page’s ranking. 

Wondering how to crawl up to the top of this ranking? You’re at the right place indeed. This blog will detail the SEO opportunities you should include in your strategy from the most fundamental basics all the way up to the competitive details. 

Compelling Content Opportunities

Your content’s quality is critical for search engines’ ranking.  According to Google, quality content is compelling content determined by the EAT principle: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. 

  • Expertise of the content creator.

This is manifested by targeting specific audiences, understanding their research needs, and catering for them. Expertise affects the content on multiple levels. It dictates the choice of words, tones, and sources. It also enriches the content with the right links, visual aids, or multimedia components.

  • Authoritativeness of the content creator, the content, and the website.

Expert once, authority every time. Abiding by your expertise line for all your content will label you as an authority in your field. Authoritativeness becomes a passive way for SEO success without effort. Let the links from relevant and authoritative websites boost your content at the top of the search engines’ results pages.

  • Trustworthiness of the content creator, the content, and the website.

While expertise and authority are factors that maintain your high rankings, trustworthiness is the factor that can easily drown them. This is extremely crucial for brands, business websites, or even blogs with affiliate marketing goals.

If you identify your website as one of these, you should encourage positive feedback and reviews. More importantly, you need to resolve your customers’ complaints before you end up with too much negativity attached to your brand. 

Keywords Clusters Opportunities

Semantic search and intent optimization are the future of SEO opportunities. Long gone are the days of single primary keywords. It’s time to target multiple keywords forming a cluster. It all goes back to the search engines’ algorithms processing query context and trying to discern a user’s logical search intent.

To aim for target keywords as easy SEO opportunities, your content has to answer the questions that your target audience would pose.  Such keyword optimization requires your careful understanding of research topics, not only of keywords as strings. 

Core Web Vitals Opportunities

Also guided by the best user experience goal, Core Web Vitals are another official ranking factor. Core Web Vitals are different performance metrics affecting page experience. These metrics include:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) or the amount of time needed to load the largest content asset on the page.
  • First Input Delay (FID) or the amount of time needed for your site to respond to a user’s first interaction with the page.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) ot the amount of unexpected layout shifts that occur during the lifespan of the page.

With all other SEO opportunities investments, Core Web Vitals might fall behind despite their tangible impact on your search engine performance.  Updating Core Web Vitals might require the assistance of a skilled web developer, but it’s totally worth it! This is basically to ensure that any user who visits your web page from the search engine’s results won’t exit this page solely due to poor page experience. 

AI Tools Opportunities

Looking at the number of SEO tasks that can be automated, AI tools promise you bigger opportunities. Over the past few years, industry-leading AI tools were introduced allowing automatic generation of SEO titles, tags, outlines, paragraphs, topics, and whole articles. How did it happen?

The machine learning model third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer GPT-3 was made open source through OpenAI. As a result, we witnessed – and still are witnessing – a fast rise of AI-assisted SEO content tools like CopyAi, Headlime, Jarvis, and others…

This has been particularly beneficial for beginner SEO roles who need this spare time to learn, focus on strategies, maximize the workflow, and improve their web pages performances. Here’s a list of some clever time-saving AI content generation tools: 

  • Title generation: Does the ideation and brainstorming for you in no time. With a collection of different SEO titles at your hands, you can save your focus for the real content creation part.
  • Outlines generation: Got a topic, but, don’t know where to start? Outline generation tools will speed up your first draft including the main sections and headings of your content.

If AI tools made automated content sound so optimistic, be aware, because the more AI generated content increases, the more competitive SEO content affects your ranking. How to get your content back at the top? The answer is:

Snippets Opportunities

Snippets are also one of the simplest SEO opportunities. Snippets are shortcuts prominently featured by search engines. You encounter snippets inside a box at the top of the search page, above all other listed results. 

Inside the snippet, you can see the SEO title, headings, price, review, Q&A, URL, visuals, and part of the textual content. A featured snippet is not only a way to appear at the first page of results, but also a great shortcut to steal significant traffic from competitors.

To score snippets, your content has to be focused on question-based queries and relevant clusters of keywords. This is one of the best SEO opportunities out there! At the end of the day, whether your content is featured inside a box or among linear listings, your main concern is winning every click you can get. 

This is exactly the concept behind SEO opportunities. You have to grasp them all, and once you reach your traffic target, you don’t really care to uncover which particular strategy led you to your goal… SEO opportunities can really save your tech-life!

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