Python for Kids: 3 Reasons Why It’s Important

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If you’re wondering why is Python for kids such a trend nowadays, you might want to rethink the answers to these questions…

How cool would it have been if you learned to create your own computer games as a kid? Or how many years would you have saved if you discovered your programming career interest as a young high school student?

Let’s not repeat the same mistakes and introduce programming to the younger generation while they’re young! Kids nowadays are always facing their phones, tablets, and laptops. They’re constantly using technology, but very few of them are learning how to create it.

Yes, it’s true, kids can learn to code just like they can learn a new language. A programming language is a way of communicating with software. The rules and syntax of the programming language dictate what a web page should look like or how a video game will be animated. 

But, as you know, there are too many programming languages to choose from; and Python for kids is the best one. Why?

This blog offers you the top 3 reasons for why Python would be the best programming language to learn at a young age.

Python Reads like Normal Speech

Writing a code in Python language is highly similar to writing in plain English. As beginners, kids can quickly grasp the basics of Python language. Using only basic instructions without intimidating curly brackets, semicolons, or errors encountered, Python for kids is clean, straight-to-the-point, and an absolute delight to work with. 

Compared to other languages, the drop of indentation, braces, or commas is one of the most advantageous features of Python. The resulting simple and clean code also allows a faster eye detection of possible errors, and consequently faster solving and programming experience.

So, Python for kids is a perfect environment for these new, young coders thanks to its uncomplicated syntax. Your kid can start right at the basics and work up from there avoiding any frustration or daunting challenges.

Unlimited Python Assistance

Python for kids is easy to install on any operating system whether it’s Windows, Android, Linux, or IOS. The Python website is open source and free to install. Python language uses text-based code layouts to optimize efficiency. That’s why it allows for online support and extensive accessible Python libraries. 

A Python library is a reusable code that kids could include into their programs instead of rewriting the same code again and again for different programs. Developers regularly work to create these libraries with the same intention to make the language easy to use.

Python for Kids as their Career Starter

As kids play around with Python, they will discover some of the most complicated basics of coding such as variables, loops, functions, statements, fundamental data structures, and so on.

Python’s use of text makes it a potent starting point for mastering other languages. Python for kids as a starter language is also a strong tool for serious web or app development. This explains why you would encounter plenty of professional applications powered by Python.  

According to Stack Overflow, the largest and most trusted online community for coders, Python is recognized as the fastest programming language of recent years. It’s expected for Python to beat Java as the programming language of choice in the near future.

Python users community, forums, and arenas are expanding everyday to hone Python codes and get problems clarified. It’s not only about Python users, but also Python applications. Python is highly used in the data science field where it is implemented in dealing with Big Data. Big Data refers to the large amounts of data that need to be processed all at the same time. That’s how powerful Python can get.

Python is currently being used in Machine Learning and Web Development as well. Programmers swear by Python when it comes to asynchronous coding, fast development, and data visualization.  Last but not least is Python’s wide spread use in Game Development. Aside from the already mentioned high quality graphics and visualizations, Python offers fast prototyping and game engine creation.

In sum, Python for kids brings the best of both worlds: it’s easy to learn and widely popular in workspaces. In today’s world, coding skills continue to grow in importance. It’s no longer crucial for the sole domain of computer scientists and programmers, but rather it became a practical, demanded skill to excel in any career.

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