The making of

Wasel Logistics

Project Overview

A Quick Recap Of Our Partnership

Wasel Logistics is a fast and efficient local delivery service located in Barbour, Kabbani warehouse, offering international shipping and door-to-door delivery all across lebanon.

Wasel services works upon customer demand, they provide people go-to delivery services from ecommerce, mail, invitations, high priority delivery, packages, and gifts. They also practice inventory management to keep packages stored safely, and ready to go for delivery.

Wasel and Teckyou united to execute professional web development, and a thought out social media marketing plan. Teckyou experts worked closely with Wasel managers to come up with the best experience, prioritizing Wasel’s customers through providing low cost solutions with seamless integration in the works with Quickshop ecommerce website.

In a short amount of time after working together on multiple campaign ads, encouraging small or big businesses to save money and time, Wasel achieved stunning results of over 26,559 post reach on Instagram. Now, Wasel’s whole business is expanding, thanks to its unique transformation to a more informative and engaging account. 


Three-Fold Problems Our Client Was Facing

With the ambitious competition among the many companies offering the same logistic services in the market like DHL, aramex, and Fedex, Wasel needed to stand out to its target customers.

Not having their own professionally designed web or app repository surely hindered Wasel’s business goals from being perceived as an authentic and trusted delivery service partner to bringing together a community of delivery providers. 

Wasel’s social media platforms also suffered from lack of engaging content, and the absence of clear marketing strategies. Their posts used to come off as too salesy, thus pushing followers and potential customers away.

The company image needed to be worked on, so that a credible bridge would be built between Wasel and their target clients base. Wasel didn’t understand their target demographic persona, thus they couldn’t pinpoint the main interests in their service benefits that spoked most to attract new customers.


How We Overcame Each Challenge

Marketing Solutions

Teckyou marketing experts stepped in, identified the main problems in Wasel’s marketing tactics, and chose the best type of content to present on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The content was then set for crafting an effective content marketing strategy.

The strategy consisted of creating more engaging posts, placing informative messages behind the posts, and producing a lot of paid ads with thorough audience targeting and budget allocation. Value content was further added to the platforms, by giving the customers information they would be interested in for their businesses and delivery. 

Wasel post’s core is then studied by our professionals, and reconsidered for a change to handle topics revolving around the history of delivery, interesting delivery facts, why delivery is important, how to choose the right delivery services, why is warehousing important, what are the best warehouses, and more related topics… The content’s objective is shifted into becoming a delivery service guideline for customers, getting more in depth about the service that Wasel provides, not just promoting it. 

We aimed at interacting with our customers as much as possible through engaging posts like questions, fill in the blanks, and crosswords. Also, certain dated posts are driven by holidays and events where no date is missed, since holidays, both national or international, engage customers. 

Our marketers used special hashtags to accompany the captions, as a way to increase Wasel’s reach. The main concern was relating the hashtags to the theme, encouraging customers to navigate content relevant to their searches, and reaching potential customers. We used smart-hashtagging, like the following:

 #logistics #logisticsmanagement #logisticscompany #basedonlogistics #logisticslife #logisticsolutions #logisticservices #logisticsservices #logisticsmanager #airfreightlogistics #globallogistics #internationallogistics #teamlogistics #transportlogistics #customers #courierservice #cargoship #roadfreight #shippingfromusa #breakbulk #containership #shoptomydoor #instashipping #freightforwarding #shipping #ship #worldwide #export  #import #transport #transportation #shopping #onlineshopping #containership #smallbusiness 

Advertisements were mostly directed towards offers and promotions for startups. We strived, through Wasel’s social media ads, to help startups in their business, motivate them, and always remind them of Wasel’s support services. Every post content, design, and caption always emphasized that customers will mainly save time, efforts, and money with Wasel. 

Website Solutions

Our skillful web developers designed, cleverly capturing Wasel Logistics identity and uniqueness. The overall glance of the quick-loaded website presents the simple tone of Wasel’s significant color: blue. The modern and minimal design for the website reflects the modernity in Wasel’s way of work and efficiency.

Wasel’s website design elements were successfully executed. The logo is a very simple and extendable logo. It holds the meaning behind the whole business: always arriving on time with fast and reliable services. The one landing page assembled all essential information for the convenience of the customers. 

The single-page website data were all arranged properly starting from service description, a Work With Us section to fill out orders, an About piece explaining the general idea behind Wasel’s concept, full detailed description about their main delivery services, and ends with Wasel’s contact information, privacy policy, terms and conditions. The website provides an easy navigation and simple user experience by adding a content section at the upper right of the header and the bottom of the landing page under quick links.

App Solutions

Wasel app is aimed to be a community delivery app, where users can order and anyone can deliver products for other community members for profit. The app features are set to have:

  • Delivery all across Lebanon,
  • Safe ordering, 
  • Warehouse inventory checking,
  • Public drivers for profit,
  • Order tracking.

The app is still in the final stage of development. Our app developers are still collaborating with Wasel and are working towards providing their customers with a low cost solution with seamless integration in the works with Quickshop platform.


An Extraordinary Digital Jump

Within only 1 month the results were highly noticeable, the reachability index jumped to a 26,559 reach in September 2022, an impressive rise in link click rate scoring 418 clicks, and a growth in customer interactions in general. The improved results are also detected in September 2022 ads numbers, in comparison to the August 2022 provided by Wasel’s Ads manager:

August ad: 17 August

  • Amount spent: $46.23
  • Amount allocated: $50
  • Link clicks: 15 conversion messages
  • CPC: 3.08 dollars
  • Post reach: 10,095
  • Post impressions: 21,292
  • Most reached audience
  • 25-35,
  • 47% men, 
  • 7% women, 
  • Second most reached audience
  • 18-24,
  • 27% men,
  • 7% women
  • Third most reached audience 
  • 45-54,
  • men 7%,
  • women 7%

September ad: 39,000 offer: 

  • Amount spent: $50
  • Link clicks: 418 clicks
  • Cpc: $0.12
  • Time allocated: 10 days
  • Post reach: 26,559
  • Post engagement: 447
  • Post reactions: 25
  • Post comments: 2
  • Posts save: 2
  • Reached audience:age:18-40 
  • Most targeted audience
  • 25-34,
  • 35.9% men, 
  • 16.4% women
  • Second most reached audience
  • 18-24,
  • 17.6% men,
  • 17% women 
  • Third most reached audience
  • 35-44,
  • 17.2% men,
  • 5.8% women
  • Geographically segmented: Lebanon, Beirut
  •  Interests: startup companies, business, B2B
  •  Behaviors: Small business owners 

The content marketing strategy was a success. The end results in September showcased a better budget management that was allocated properly and spent completely. Cost per click, CPC, was lower in September which is advantageous because it allows more clicks for Wasel’s budget, and an increase in clicks, reach, and interactions in general.

The numbers translate to positive feedback from Wasel’s account following. The marketing plan achieved the goals of informative tone, value posts, engaging content, more customer interactions, and a better representation as a well efficient local delivery service.

Wasel’s website is now a well crafted professional website. It’s designed in an easy-navigating landing page that represents all valuable information to their customers. Wasel’s suitable aesthetic has also been accomplished throughout the entire website.