The making of

Karting Mania North

Project Overview

A Brief About Our Collaboration

Karting Mania North is a unique entertainment industry located in Kousba, Al Koura, North Lebanon bringing kart racing together with upscale dining. The Karting Mania North landscape comprises a 1091 meters long race track, a contemporary restaurant, a magnificent scenery, and a community who believes in safe motosports. Karting Mania North caters to both individual drivers and families offering various race activities and good food.

The karting giant tapped into Teckyou’s web development and marketing expertise to create their complete digital presence suite. Indeed, Teckyou’s team worked closely with Karting Mania North managers to launch their social media platforms and build a fully operational website implementing the former’s new concept Quickshop.

Within only 4 months of managing our client’s social media, Karting Mania North’s follower growth rates increased by almost 2500 followers on Instagram and maximized the engagement rates to reach more than 20788. Karting Mania North’s booking and ordering services also went into an entire digital transformation to automate the karting reservation through their website and integrate the restaurant’s menu inside Quickshop.


What Our Client Struggled With

Being in a competitive industry, Karting Mania North needed whole branding and marketing strategies that would make them stand out and resonate with their target audience. A noticeable online presence was one side of the challenge, while converting prospects into a loyal customer base was the harder side. 

Within the first side, the lack of ideation, brand awareness, digital presence, clear content strategy, and definite social media management were the major challenges faced by Karting Mania North. Nonetheless, a karting business without a reliable website nor easy contact repository was undoubtedly facing struggles.  

On the other side, struggles persisted on site at Karting Mania North’s restaurant. The team strived to serve a larger clientele, yet they had to hold back until implementing a digital menu and ordering system that would promise a more efficient and pleasant experience.  


We Stepped In For

Marketing Solutions

Teckyou’s marketing team developed a custom content marketing strategy aiming to add value to newly created Instagram and Facebook pages and focused on engaging posts. While posts featured real life shots at Karting Mania North, written content complemented each one using the right jargon and tone of voice to reflect a credible customer experience. 

Real life photo and video shots were all taken and edited by Teckyou production team. We were fully-equipped on site for every racing competition and festival event with our DSLRs and drones. A collaborative teamwork effort captured the space, sponsors, and raw emotions on tracks to present all what’s needed for our content marketing strategy.

In line with the same strategy, smart hashtagging was implemented to increase our client’s reach. Our main concern was relating hashtags to Karting Mania North’s theme while encouraging audiences to navigate content relevant to their searches and reaching every potential customer. 

Smart hashtags usually featured the following #karting #kart #racing #motorsport #kartinglife #gokart #race #gokarting #kartinglovers #speed #kartracing #formula #kartingtime #karts #motorsports #kartlife #kartingmania #gokarts #kartingmoments #racecar #kartingracing #racer #driver #fun

Unusual hashtags were, therefore, used for unusual posts content like events, national days, or holidays. Our social media account managers never missed an occasion, general or karting-related ones, to maintain an optimal engagement.

Leveling up from organic to paid solutions, social media ads were a must with every Karting Mania North hosted event. Driving ever-increasing opportunities and awaited conversions, we created ads with thorough audience targeting and budget allocation. 

Website Solutions

Our full-stack web developers designed as brilliantly as it should be to match Karting Mania North’s bold brand identity. A fast-loading single page application infused the brand identity colors and motivating tone of voice for a complete look and feel that reflect Karting Mania North’s experience. 

The website’s landing page appealingly layers all relevant information for customers from services, go-karts, cards, and reservation calendar, to a whole gallery portraying the real setting and experience. This landing page simply compiled all details in a minimal way making sure to always capture the authentic experience inside a seamless user experience. 

Teckyou solutions also introduced Quickshop, an easy navigation online shop presenting every Karting Mania North menu item with the option of table ordering. Quickshop’s design enhanced the restaurant experience. We created the right technological twist at Karting Mania North to reflect its modernity. 


A Successful Digital Twist

Within only 4 months of managing our client’s social media, Karting Mania North’s follower growth rates increased by almost 2500 followers on Instagram and maximized the engagement rates to reach more than 20788. That’s one real digital presence boost.

August 2022 Numbers

  • Post Reach: 20788
  • Post Reactions: 831
  • Post Shares: 1056
  • Post Save: 672
  • Target Audience: 
  • Geographically segmented: Lebanon, Kousba, North Governorate 
  • Demographically segmented: age:18-65+ (the ad’s most targeted audience was between 18-24: 22.3% men and 7.3%  women), second most reached audience is 25-34 (4% women and 20.5% men), third is 35-44 (3.6% women and 10.8% men)
  • Interests: Racing, Car racing, Motorcycles, Motorcycle racing, Kart racing or Motorcycling

All social media campaigns ramped up Karting Mania North’s click-through-rate on Facebook and Instagram. The overall increased revenue and business indicators say it all, Teckyou’s strategy was indeed successful in expanding the customer base and scaling up the selling.

Because part of entertainment is showing it, our marketing strategy was successful in showing audiences the kind of experience Karting Mania North provides. Out of the box ideas were rewarding as well. Strategically promoting offers and membership cards resulted in unprecedented exposure to Karting Mania North’s services, thus exceeding expected goals. 

Among the target goals was the restaurant at Karting Mania North that experienced better sales thanks to Quickshop. Teckyou helped install multiple new features for a better customer experience through enabling online ordering, table ordering, and modifying the menu to fit the customer’s needs. 

Teckyou’s well-designed customer centric website revolutionized the traditional go-karting marketing model and translated the reach numbers into exponential sales. Every step made from website development and content creation to designs was particularly needed to thrive Karting Mania North forward in the business market. 

Simply, yet carefully, approaching Karting Mania North’s matter deliberately, deploying the efforts to test and optimize, and keeping the revenue end goal in mind, came off with a massive sales multiplier effect. The huge brand awareness resulting alongside the sales was the extra cherry on top of the cake.