7 Cool IoT Gadgets

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We’re living in a marvelous world where wireless, invisible, or minuscule interconnected technology can do anything for us! It’s the new era of the Internet of Things, specifically IoT gadgets.

These are physical objects equipped with sensors, processors, software, incredible abilities, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. And we just can’t get enough from IoT. It’s no exaggeration that every single day at least one new technology comes to life.

The new technology could be anywhere from outer space or on Earth, to the inside of your house, your pocket, or even closer… You can wear technology.

In this blog, we introduce you to the top 7 coolest IoT gadgets that would revolutionize your daily routine.

Smart Glass

A classy name for a classier gadget.
Smart Glass is a hands-free computer that looks like normal glasses you can wear on your face. Yes, you heard correctly: like normal glasses. It’s transparent, small, and lightweight. But, it’s way more than that.

Smart Glasses

This IoT gadget includes a camera, microphone, display, and internet connection. Imagine wearing your computer, accessing all your apps, operating through voice commands, browsing the web, connecting to your meetings, troubleshooting, and even real-time screen sharing.

Screen sharing is simply inviting others to see exactly what you’re seeing through your smart glasses. Mind blowing! Smart Glass is also designed for industry work. The wearable computer allows businesses to improve their output quality through helping employees work smarter and faster.

Smart Scale

From glasses to scales, IoT gadgets are all about getting things done faster! Imagine how efficient it would be to rely on a WiFi-enabled scale that measures your weight, body fat, muscles percentage, and the air pressure in your room all at once.

Smart Scale

Smart Scale does even more than that. It can also send you the measurements to your phone. Smart scales automatically sync your data to a mobile app. You can also go beyond mere measurements with the app’s built-in features. So, you can set goals, track your improvement over time, and get rewarded.

Smart Luggage Tracker

IoT gadgets can track more than just your weight loss. A luggage tracker is a small device that fits into your luggage. Why?

Smart Tracker

A mobile tracker allows you to monitor your luggage location on your flight and when you reach your destination through an app on your phone. No more losing luggage on trips. So simple, yet so smart and secure.

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells are another IoT gadget for your security. It’s a WiFi connected doorbell that allows you to remotely answer or lock your door. With smart doorbells, you will receive alerts as well as HD high quality live images of the visitor at your door.

Smart Doorbell

For more security, smart doorbells are fully prepared with motion detectors, 2-way audio, weather protection, and face recognition options.

Smart Light Bulb

When talking of IoT gadgets in the realm of your home, you can’t miss this one. A smart bulb is a WiFi-connected light bulb you can control using your phone.

Smart Light Bulb

Imagine customizing your room light to match your mood. So, you’re in control of the light’s color, temperature, and intensity through the app or simply voice commands. Smart light bulbs offer you the traditional standard bulbs specs with the newest options for modern houses.

Smart Diapers

Just when you thought IoT gadgets couldn’t get any more intrusive than they already are, technology introduced smart diapers to the world. A smart diaper is a padded underwear with an built-in RFID sensor that measures the moisture level inside.

Smart Diapers

It’s way more useful than you think. Smart diapers can control exactly when a diaper needs to be changed to prevent any discomfort of irritation. That’s when a smart diaper’s sensor sends alerts to the closest phone, smart watch, or even keychain.

Smart Pillow

Let’s tackle comfort from the other end of the spectrum. Smart pillows have thin electronic inserts inside of them to help you sleep better. According to your preference, smart pillows can play white noise, your personalized music playlist, or start vibrations. Through vibrations, smart pillows have the power to eliminate snoring and improve your sleeping quality.

Smart Pillow

They can also keep track of your sleep hours, weight distribution, and breath rhythm. And after a long night of sleep, smart pillows are satisfying punchable alarms. The good news now is that you weren’t dreaming all of this. IoT gadgets are totally real and available for your personal and house usage.

These IoT gadgets are only a handful out of billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data. The evolution of computer chips and the ubiquity of wireless networks enabled us to transform anything, from a pill to an airplane, into a part of the IoT gadgets network.

Connecting these different objects by adding sensors to them escalates the level of digital intelligence to devices that would be otherwise dumb. With the development pace we’re witnessing, don’t be surprised to see one day all of your gadgets communicating in real-time data without involving you as a human being.

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