The making of


Project Overview

A Beautiful Success Journey

Glamlly is one of the top online retailers in the cosmetics and beauty industry offering more than 2000 products from 200 different brands. What’s more impressive than Glamlly’s overarching success is the story behind it. Glamlly only started in 2020 as an online perfumery shop then worked its way up from that point to become a full blown cosmetics store. 

TeckYou takes pride in creating Glamlly’s branding, developing their website and mobile application, and planning their marketing strategies throughout different channels. Every strategizing and execution attempt marks its accomplishment today, and everyday, with Glamlly’s sales growth, marketing flourishment, and partnerships expansions. 


What Glamlly Had To Overcome, While Staying Glam

Glamlly stepped into the adventurous beauty industry amid an arduous currency crisis in the Lebanese market. Their first challenge was to step out from competitors and manifest their authentic products, ethical policies, and trustworthy service. Glamlly’s brand identity, online presence, platforms, and prices had to steal the attention of the targeted audiences from the familiar brands in their niche. 

The second challenge Glamlly faced would be their product discovery. Although Glamlly professionally curated a list of top-notch brands and luxurious products, their platforms demanded straightforward and compelling customer journeys to encourage fluid product discovery. Their social media content was as well expected to drive a fast track of brand awareness and interest in their products.

Rendering this interest into traffic and purchases was the last milestone Glamlly aimed for their sustainable, growing ecommerce business. Handling an organized inventory, operating a fully optional dashboard, and keeping up with increasing demands was one confrontation Glamlly had to overcome. 


We Unveil Our Secret Beauty Weapons

Branding Solutions

TeckYou marketers evaluated every challenge and intensively worked with Glamlly, especially during the pre-launch phase, to create a name, an image, and a signature brand. Our strategy was to design a visual identity that reconnects with the aesthetics of the beauty industry through every element. 

(Glam lly)


– Your secrets of beauty

A new suite of brand elements was crafted with the careful intention of an elevated customer experience. Based on thorough market research and persona simulations, dusty colors, classy fonts, and a modern touch within every visual pattern reflected the sophistication and quality of Glamlly’s inventory. 

The branding, finally, considered its expected wide range of applications from packaging, labels, signatures, website banners, mobile application icons, digital and print advertising designs, social media visual content, photography direction, and beyond. 

Marketing Solutions

Complementing the branding strategy, our marketing solutions took advantage of every available marketing channel. On the traditional side of things, we managed Glamlly’s email marketing, SMS marketing, content marketing, seasonal offers, and partnerships.

On the other side of the spectrum, custom social media strategies were bravely implemented to drive excessive traffic towards one destination: Glamlly. The tricks that never failed us were creative product photography, real images of products applications, trendy videos, user generated content, honest reviews, interactive posts, Pinterest boards, Instagram and Facebook ads.

Development Solutions

Next, Glamlly’s challenges lost their grip once TeckYou developed their massive online store website and a mobile application. The online beauty products shopping experience was no average one. The shop includes a seamless navigation menu categorizing their products into brands, makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare, accessories, fragrances for him, fragrances for her, and seasonal offers. 

Glamlly, the shop, was passionately designed by TeckYou to attract, impress, and hook from the first sight product images to the detailed product descriptions, compelling reviews, easy checkout, and weekly newsletter. Every element within the website and natively developed app displays Glamlly’s brand identity whether the font, colors, banners, visual content, or tone of voice. Stepping into the store provides a unique user experience.

This would be brought back to the impeccable dashboard design bridging between ecommerce products and categories to orders and data analytics. The store’s published content was also optimized for search engines to ensure optimal visibility for targeted local clients. Full site logging and security were among the features too.


A Monumental Beauty Destination

From a perfumery shop to a monumental beauty station, Glamlly’s months-long transformation manifests an even greater success of branding, marketing, and developing joint efforts. Slowly but surely, Glamlly grows by a monthly average of 25% sales increase and a 3% sales channels conversion rate. 

Glamlly’s inventory now holds more than 2000 products from 200 global brands. Glamlly is officially a trusted beauty retailers partner. More importantly, Glamlly deservedly earned its position as an iconic cosmetics and beauty institution and a must-visit online destination in the market.