The making of

Chtaura Frozen Foods

Project Overview

A Journey Towards Preserving Nature’s Goodness

Chtaura Frozen Foods preserves the traditional Lebanese dining experience to as many customers as possible worldwide. To meet its mission, Chtaura set its generous line of frozen fruits and vegetables and accompanied it with intensive, national marketing campaigns breaking every boundary towards successful distributions. 

Our Task

Quality Website, Served

TeckYou proudly took part in Chtaura’s natural journey by developing a first class, all inclusive website. Our joint web design, development, content writing, and marketing efforts yielded Chtaura Frozen Foods its unique repository bridging between the brand’s products, recipes, advertisements, mission statements, and contact information.


Ever Growing Market

TeckYou team were able to uphold Chtaura’s ideals delivering the greatest user experience possible in both Arabic and English languages. This was made possible because of the optimal interface design and rich ecommerce content. Chtaura Frozen Foods’ website is paving the road for extending their investment possibilities and growing their product range.