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We develop mobile apps as ultimate sales vehicles.

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Super Speeds and Stability

Fluxstore ensures the app running smooth and fast, Coding and Testing by word-class engineer, we belived to save your thousands hours.

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Android and IOS Native Apps

Your store mobile application can be read in both platforms with high UI/UX quality. Moreover, the UI is not hybrid app, it’s pure native.

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Your store mobile application can be read in both platforms with high UI/UX quality. Moreover, the UI is not hybrid app, it’s pure native.

Full integration with your website

Compatoble with the commonly used platforms.
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Social Login

Users can login through their social profiles

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SMS Login

Users can login through their phone number.

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Smart Chat

Users can easily chat with you through live chat.

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Push Notifictations

Notifications can be regularly sent to users.

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Users can include their favorite items to their wishlist.

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Users can collect coupons from every purchase made.

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Shipping Tracking

Users can easily track their

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Users can pay in the currency they prefer.

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In-App Advertising

You can easily place ads and promotions on your app.

For all your products

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The real products that get delivered from your warehouse to your customer’s address.



The soft copies that get downloaded like ebooks, designs, or presets by users.



They’re not your own products but ones you recommend to earn a commission.

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+ 100$ Free Ad Credit

Online ads are designed to reach audiences that would be interested in the products you offer, thus, to help your growth. Let your app appear at the top of Google Play or App store.

Client Testimonials

The astounding reviews we work for.
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Samir Makarem

The communication was the drive of our app’s success. They designed the perfect solutions and we’re so happy we collaborated with the team. Business: Home Appliances App Name: Opal Home

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Lana Saber

I fall in love with my app every day. Zeina made my product collection like a tiny portable catalog on the phone. The Best! Business: Clothing Shop App Name: Boutique Ivy

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Samer Al Majed

Professionals, timely, creative. Business: Restaurant Name: ChickDips

5e4c5544-1809-4249-aaac-1662a8b30622 1
Faysal Al Tamimi

It was my pleasure working with you and I’m honored to give my positive feedback whenever asked for. It’s the best app development experience. Business: Pet Shop app name: Happy Pets

Sanaa Baquieh

I’ve worked with TeckYou on a complicated project and they never let me down from the idea, to their cool sketches, and the magic they do in developing. Their promises were fulfilled, timeline respected, and goals reached. Chapeau bas. Business: Travel Agency App Name: Ohana

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Arwa Rasheed

TeckYou was the reason my business expanded and I’m thankful for their efforts. Business: Electronics Shop App Name: TeckCart

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